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In our previous installment of the Same Day Weed Delivery Blog, we talked about Cooking with Cannabis in response to many emails we’ve been getting looking for information on how people can make their own weed edibles at home with the marijuana flower they order from their favorite online weed delivery service. In that previous installment we went over some of the best strains known to aid in the treatments of various ailments and spoke about strain specific baking and cooking with decarbixalated plant matter.

If you missed that installment of our blog and are interested in cooking with cannabis you will want to go back to it before continuing on with the info in this one.  An easier way of making weed edibles is cooking with oils though you may have less of a choice than with flower in terms of the ability to choose strains that have the specific properties you are looking for.  (Pain : Blueberry, Jack Herer, Sour Diesel. Some  strains for nausea : Northern Lights, Super Lemon Haze, Durban Poison.  For insomnia : Girl Scout Cookies, White or Widow.)   If you choose to cook with cannabis oils it may be a little easier to control dosing.  Some also choose to cook with extracts (that’s what you often find with the commercially available products in online weed dispensaries.)  Speaking of dosages – whether speaking of weed edibles you might buy or make yourself the general advice is to always start small and go slow!

Even if you are a regular smoker of marijuana you may find that edibles hit you differently and some people actually have a bad experience called “greening out” something you want to avoid – the world of marijuana and weed edibles is a wonderful one and you don’t want one mistake to color it for you so start with low doses before increasing to find the edibles dosage that is perfect for you.  If you choose to buy oil that is already infused with cannabis all you really have to do is experiment with dosages, first add a little then increase depending on taste – and just how high you want to get!  Remember to save some for your parents and even for grandma and grandpa – statistics show seniors are the fastest growing demographic using cannabis especially edibles and topicals!  Show  grandpa its not just weed brownies anymore!

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