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It is interesting to think about how quickly cannabis went from being something illegal that people could be charged for having in their possession, to becoming legal across Canada and in many other jurisdictions, to being deemed an actual essential service in the age of covid. Marijuana smokers across the country seem to agree that not only is cannabis an essential service, but that same day weed delivery is pretty essential too. After all, in the old days it was the norm. People usually called their local neighborhood dealer on the day they wanted to see them – not several days before.

So it makes sense that now that it’s legal, people expect same day weed delivery cannabis access. In most surveys of cannabis consumers people agree that they really prefer that option. Taking this into account we built same day delivery into our business model so if that’s the kind of premium customer service you are looking for, you have come to the right place. Feel free to take a look through our extensive and varied menu. We make every effort to present the very best in every kind of cannabis product – whether you prefer fine cannabis bud, gourmet cannabis infused edibles (food or beverages), topicals and creams and salves, etc. Whatever it is you are looking for in the world of excellent contemporary cannabis products we are proud to present it to your door – with your choice of mail order or same day weed delivery and excellent customer service combines to make your order an elevated cannabis experience.

We also offer many special surprises and benefits to those who recommend us to their weed loving friends and family members. People come back to us because they count on us to always bring them the very best. Two years after legalization Canadian cannabis consumers have become increasingly sophisticated about the differences in quality in cannabis and just like with other consumer products, they want the very best. No more just buying a baggie of whatever the local dealer might have… today choice and value are equally paramount. If you haven’t investigated this wonderful world of cannabis you will be pleasantly surprised at the range of incredible products on our same day weed delivery menu

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